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Water Quality

The Frankfort water supply contains hardness minerals (Calcium and Magnesium) and needs to be treated with a water softener. These minerals can form a scale and create problems in water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee makers, and plumbing systems. A modern, efficient water conditioning system will eliminate hard water problems by removing calcium and magnesium from the water supply through filtering it in a resin-softening medium. Salt is used in the system to provide periodic revitalization, and to provide soft water for daily needs. The water mineral analysis needed for proper setting of a water softener is:
31-36 GPG
.8 PPM

Annual Drinking Water Report

The village publishes an annual drinking water quality report to provide residents with important information about drinking water.

Report Water Emergency
For a water-related emergency during off-hours, please call  Dispatch at (815) 485-2500 to report the emergency.

General Information

For utilities-related inquiries, please call the Village at (815) 469-2177.

Download the Utility Department Water System Report

Water Billing and Payment
Water is billed on a monthly basis, with a minimum of 2,000 gallons charged to all accounts. Payments may be made through the mail, in person, or by placing both check and bill in the drop box located in the front parking lot of the Administrative Office Building.

Direct Debit or online charge payments are now accepted. It's easy to use the automatic payment program.  Click here to download an informational pamphlet.  To sign up for the automatic bill payment, complete the authorization form and return. Please remember to include your account number on all payments to insure proper credit to your account.

Please note the following Village policies regarding bill payment:
� A 10% penalty will be applied to overdue accounts.
� A $45 fee will be placed on all accounts if water is shut off for non-payment.
� A $25 fee will be charged for all return checks.

Hydrant Flushing
Hydrants within the Village of Frankfort are flushed each spring and fall.
Visit http://chicagolandh2o.org/ for valuable information regarding water management.