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About FCTV Channel 6


Frankfort Community Television, local channel six, provides programming to educate, entertain, preserve and inform the Frankfort community.Through a variety of programming, FCTVs goal is to showcase the character and spirit of the Frankfort.


A staff of FCTV-6 technicians, reporting to the Village, can be seen around the community filming and editing Frankforts special events as well as the live Village board meetings. With a strong concentration of television production and direction skills, each technician brings expertise to channel 6 for viewer enjoyment. In addition, volunteers routinely submit programs for airing on channel 6 and are welcome to participate in channel six program efforts.

FCTV programming is available for viewing on Comcast & AT & T UVerse. In addition, all FCTV programming can be viewed through "FCTV ON DEMAND"and "FCTV LIVE STREAM" on the Village website. Click on the "FCTV ON DEMAND" logo on the Village website home page to view all programs through your computer, IPAD, IPhone, etc. anytime--anywhere. Programs are categorized for easy access. "FCTV LIVE STREAM" gives you instant online access to view Village of Frankfort board meetings in full HD!

Viewers can also now sign up for Email Notifications when new videos are online. To sign up Click here!!