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FCTV Frankfort Widens Audience with AT&T Broadcasts

The Village of Frankfort is pleased to announce that effective July 27, 2009, AT & T launched their U-verse
programming to our Frankfort channel 6 viewing audience. Comcast customers are not affected in any way by
this additional service, and will continue to enjoy Frankforts channel 6.

The addition of U-verse widens the FCTV-6 broadcast of Frankfort events, the Village Board meetings, school
programs and original informational shows. In addition, viewers from other suburbs in Illinois can view Frankforts
channel 6 and vice versa.

As an AT & T customer, the process to access FCTV channel 6 through AT & T U-verse is easy.
Using the remote control, select Program via the Guide button
Press OK to select Channel 99
After Channel 99 is selected, the application launch screen should appear. It should say Press OK to start
Local Government Education
at the bottom of the screen
Press OK to start the PEG application Loading Application screen will appear
City Selection Menu Appears listing all the cities in Illinois that have launched on U-verse
Select Frankfort Community Television (FCTV) launching you into the city viewport
Frankforts AT & T customers can now stay tuned to everything happening in Frankfort.